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"I will not stop until I sell 2 million books."

Interview with the author Tom Pace, the founder and CEO of PaceButler Corporation.

Tom Pace

Inspirational novel:
The Kid and The CEO

T Isilwath

Fantasy novel:
Heart of a Fox

The purpose of Litarena is very simple. It's to read books and find out whether we think they are: Good, Bad, or Excellent, and then take the excellent ones and compile an Excellence Index of small press and no press books. It will contain those with excellent book reviews, awards and various other characteristics of excellence.

The Challenge: Publishing fiction by unknown authors is risky. We understand that. Some publishers don't mind telling authors that they write well but won't be published there. Some avoid doing this for fear of being pestered. Regardless of how publishers communicate, it's clear that an unknown number of good, new works of fiction are not getting published or if they are getting published nobody knows about them. The challenge of course is to locate them! At Litarena we understand that meeting that challenge involves reading all of the small press published, self-published /unpublished fiction books and sorting them into categories. It's a large undertaking, which probably explains the reason why nobody has ever done it before! We might guess that the number of excellent books might be small. Until we've read them all we won't know. But, unlike a considerable number of people, we don't believe in speculating about the content of books we have never read on the basis of their publishing fortunes.

Put simply, we believe that there is only one way to judge a book; and that is to read it.

So, that's exactly what we're going to do.

We don't publish. Litarena doesn't publish work and it doesn't interact with publishers of any kind. Its only purpose is to review self-published fiction books in order to find out whether they're good, bad or excellent. Litarena book reviewing is a free service. And it does nothing else.


I want my novel reviewed too

You too can have your book reviewed. The principle behind Litarena is simple: Litarena wants to find all of the excellent, self-published & small press authors and review their books.

Litarena is compiling an index of excellent small press and no press books.