Litarena FAQ-style Info

Who is Litarena for?

As a personal preference I would much rather accept works independently-published, for example on or 'group-published,' (see definition below) by writers with their own ISBN number allocation. (Purchasing ISBNs is not a subject covered anywhere on this website.) And, (in the case of British writers), deposited with:

The Agent for the Copyright Libraries, 100 Euston Street, London, NW1 2HQ


What is Group Publishing?

New phrase, 'Group publish,' (Invented by Patrick Mackeown 20th February 2008) Group publish, verb. To coordinate or to take part in the production of a book, where the tasks of writing, editing, typesetting, laying out, graphically designing, covering, summarising, proof-reading, detailed reading, reviewing and copyrighting the product are all carried out by separate specialists.


Group publishing is distinguished from previously known forms of book production, such as mainstream, independent and self publishing in so far as the separate specialists are unlikely to belong to a single organisation. Although necessarily practised in their respective fields, in relation to this particular endeavour, they may be volunteers. The end product, the book, however, is necessarily indistinguishable from that of a mainstream or independently published book insofar as all of its composite parts have been produced by, and all of its tasks have been performed by, trained specialists in each of their respective fields.


Does my book have to be published?

While I do realise that some writers will not want to publish their own work independently (, and therefore be eligible for the copyrighting of,) full length novels, publishing short stories is not problematical, (because there is no traditional market for them.) A writer's style and gifts, or lack thereof, can also be ascertained from reading his short work. However, since the only purpose of Litarena is to categorise full-length fiction, (a) priority will be given to writers who submit details about their full-length work. (b) Independent writers who refuse to publish their own work must have a finished, edited, work available before filling the in form. And they must submit a sample from that full-length work, as well as a separate, completed short work.

Short stories must be typeset, page numbered, issued with a "I certify that this work is freely distributed, signed the author's name", notice clearly and prominently displayed inside, on the first page, before the story starts, a rear cover, and a front cover displaying the author's name and the story's title. (Short stories submitted without these details are not eligible for review.) Having an ISBN number and a cover design is optional, but desirable. (How the author wishes to select his covering material, his fonts, and so forth, is entirely his own affair.)


Does Litarena provide feedback on my manuscript? does not offer feedback, discussion or review-ammendments. It will not consider works-in-progress. It is not a workshop. Its purpose is only to produce book reviews. If you would like to discuss your work instead of having it reviewed, visit ABC Tales or A free moderated, online writers' feedback group.,


What genres can I submit for review? is designed to review only group published* (* see definition above) unpublished and lulu-published or independently-published novels. Please do not submit: plays, film scripts, biographies, memoirs and non-fiction. Please do not submit offensive material of any description.


What if my book has been published by a publisher?

Books published by mainstream publishers, no matter how small those publishers might be, are not eligible to be reviewd by The purpose of the website is solely and specifically to classify, polished and edited/(self-edited), completed, group-published, independently-published and unpublished, novel-length fiction.


What do you mean by *proficient*?

In this context proficient means a writer who can demonstrate in his online submission to Litarena, or on his website, that he has a masterful command of Standard English, plot construction, research methods and narrative prose. Beginners, on the other hand, are encouraged to join amateur writing communities.

Litarena is compiling an index of excellent small press and no press books.