Instructions For Writers And Others Who Review Books For

Litarena is compiling an index of excellent small press and no press books.

[1] To get a book of your own reviewed you must be credited with at least one completed book review.

[2] Books are reviewed strictly on a first-come-first-reviewed basis. (Reviewers don't choose.)


How do I obtain a copy of the book I am meant to review?

(a) When a book comes up for review, give its author your PO Box details through the litarena website.

(b) If you do not have a PO Box, (and have no wish to get one), give the author the address of your nearest post office. Have the book sent there, and collect it.

(c) If you wish to give the author an alias to serve as the addressee of his parcel, please do.

However, please do not use that alias when you submit your review to the litarena website. The website uses the Christian and Surname given in your own book submission to credit you with a completed book review. If you use an alias the system won't be able to locate you. The review collection form will ask you if you wish to remain anonymous. Obviously, if you do, that's fine.


How to complete the book review.

[1] Litarena has an online form for the submission of book reviews.

[2] Data submitted to the form must successfully attribute a certain amount of information to the correct author, where it's present. Please be sure to keep your review copy handy until after you've filled out the form.

How do I review a short story?

Short stories must be typeset, page numbered, issued with a "I certify that this work is freely distributed, signed the author's name", notice clearly and prominently displayed inside, on the first page, before the story starts, a rear cover, and a front cover displaying the author's name and the story's title. (Short stories submitted without these details are not eligible for review.) Having an ISBN number and a cover design is optional, but desirable. (How the author wishes to select his covering material, his fonts, and so forth, is entirely his own affair.)

Litarena is compiling an index of excellent small press and no press books.