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As a personal preference I would much rather accept works which have already been group-published (see FAQ), or independently-published, for example on and, in the case of British writers, deposited with the Legal Deposit Office in Euston Street, London. For writers who are unsure of whether or not their work is eligible for review at Litarena, please read our instructions and FAQ.

Please do not submit: Offensive material, non-fiction, blogs, biographies or memoirs, plays, films, or comedies, unfinished, or draft work. (You can submit comic and satirical novels.)

Please take notice of the fact that litarena isn't trying to be either literary, or academic. It's bringing unpublished lulu-published, independently-published writers the ordinary opinions of ordinary book readers and buyers on whether they think a book is: Good, Bad or Excellent.

This website does not provide feedback, discussion or interaction of any other kind. Please read more within the instructions and FAQ.

That's it. That simple task is all that it sets out to achieve.

Thank you.

Patrick Mackeown


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